Linux brightness setting reset issue

In debian squeeze, brightness setting of gnome-power-manager will not be used after reboot. After each reboot, the screen will be with full brightness. 

After googling, it seems most of the Linux distribution have this issue. After searching for a good amount of time, found a simple command to change the brightness.  Adding that command invocation at the system startup resolved the issue

SSH Connectivity for Windows

How do we transfer the files using scp or sftp from Linux terminal to Windows? Also how do we connect from Linux machine to windows through terminal without using VNC or other such GUI tools?
A solution to these problems is adding the SSH server capabilities to Windows machine.

Download Rapidshare Hotfile Youtube Files : JDownloader

If you want to download videos from youtube, files from http, FTP file servers and also from file hosting service. And you want that application to run in both Linux and Windows. And also you want to that too be free of cost. You also want its source to be open. Also it should have some basic feature of download manager such as auto shutdown, reconnect the internet, queuing, scheduling etc. Is it possible?  

Yes. Its possible. That too from a single download manager. JDownloader

Multiple Exchange Accounts in Outlook

Outlook (except 2010) restricts having more than one exchange account. You could have separate profiles with one exchange email account in each profile. But to switch  from one profile to another you have to restart the outlook. You cannot have two profiles opened simultaneously.

Making Eclipse IDE Faster

Eclipse will run faster when working with small projects. But when you have to work with large project, you will get irritated with its speed. Even with a huge RAM you will not be happy with its

Below steps will help eclipse to increase its speed

Securely Removing Files in Windows

When we do shift+delete on any file, as you all know data can be recovered easily through lot of freely available recovery or undelete tools. Then how do we delete files securely? That too easily.

Sdelete which is available in sysinternal site, will help us to delete files, so that noone will be able to recover it.